Sports Podcasts Search Engine


Coming Soon: Sports Rant is an extension of the partnership between Sports Rants and Gamactica Sports where our platform will serve as the ultimate sports podcast search engine providing unrivaled discoverability, visibility, and brand impact.

Being listed on Sports Rant is free and comes packed with a number of benefits, fueled by award-winning Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help deliver maximum impact and value to the sports talk personalities listed here.

The Process



Being listed is free, as long as you maintain your profile on Gamactica, and follow the steps outlined below:


  1. Create a Profile on Gamactica (via their official website or mobile app)
  2. If you are a sports content creator, fill out the application form here
  3. If you are a sports podcast host, fill out the application form here


We will use the information submitted on your application form to build your listing pages in the appropriate search engines on Gamactica, as well as on Sports Rant.


We understand that some applicants may be sports journalists as well, and if you are, we urge you to also submit an application form here to list your work.


NOTE: The first listing is free. However, if you delete your profile on Gamactica it will be taken down on all search engines including Sports Rant. If your listing(s) are taken down, we will remove all associated Sports SEO implemented and should you decide to apply for a listing again, it will come with a requirement to be subscribed to Gamactica Premier.